There were more than 1,400 hotel and leisure-related insolvencies last year, according to financial analysis firm Experian. A total of 1,428 hotel and leisure businesses went to the wall during 2010, representing an 11.6% increase on 2009. Only business services, construction and property saw more insolvencies by sector last year. The increase in hotel and leisure failures came against a national backdrop of improving fortunes, with the 19,946 insolvencies across the UK business landscape last year, an improvement of 18% on 2009’s 24,209. Max Firth, managing director of Experian PH, said: “2010 has been a period of relative stability for business insolvencies and the improving trend in the insolvency rate has been positive. This contrasts significantly to the last major recession of the early 1990s when the rate escalated over a long period and peaked even as the country came out of recession. “Insolvency trends in 2010 included a North-South divide, with firms in the South of England faring better, as well as a reversal of fortunes for the largest companies. Taken as a whole, those with more than 500 employees were not as resilient as they were in 2009.”