Officials in Middlesbrough have threatened to review the licenses of pubs and shops found to be selling alcohol at less than 50p per unit, writes John Harrington. In a novel move, Middlesbrough is trying to force the issue through its updated licensing policy. It is the latest example of a council trying to introduce a minimum price by itself and follows news that 10 authorities in the north-west plan similar action via a bylaw — which was last week met with approval from Prime Minister David Cameron. Middlesbrough Council’s draft licensing policy for 2011 to 2014, which still needs approval from the whole council, says: “The licensing authority will expect all licensed premises to apply a minimum unit price of 50p to all alcoholic products sold under their premises licence. “This unit pricing will be reviewed in line with any national guidance. “Where premises are found to be selling alcohol below this price, a review of the premises licence will be sought, if relevant representations are made.”