A new report has suggested almost 60% of men think that health warnings on alcoholic drinks are a waste of time Research from Mintel, the market analyst, shows that only two in five men (40%) believe that health warnings are a good idea compared to 49% of women. Just 36% of women and 30% of men believe that the labels will make them think more about how much they drink. Commenting on the report, Mintel senior research analyst Mathilde Dudouit, said: “While recent press coverage has seen women come under attack for binge drinking, they are clearly more open to these new proposed labels. "For women at least, this new initiative could well be a step in the right direction to combat excessive drinking. "Meanwhile, men clearly are much more set in their ways when it comes to what they drink, and it will be harder to convince them to change their habits." The research also showed that 44% of men would find it useful to know the amount of units they are getting through compared to 53% of women. "The trend towards stronger drinks and larger glasses means that Brits can often no longer be sure how many units they are drinking," said Dudouit. "Without clear information, many people will be unaware whether they are exceeding their weekly alcohol intake, or whether they are still within the safe drink drive limits after an evening out."