Makeshift MASH-style field hospitals are to be set up in British cities as emergency services prepare for a surge in drink-related violence because of extended licensing hours on hot summer nights, particularly during the World Cup. Successful trials have already been carried out in Cardiff and Newcastle with the all-night clinics, which are equipped with stretchers, water and basic medical supplies. NHS trusts are now also planning to provide giant tents in Croydon, where drunken soccer fans rioted after England were beaten in the Euro 2004 championships, and Liverpool. Ambulance unions say the clinics will ease the strain on over-stretched hospital A&E departments and want the drinks industry to stump up some of the cost. They say about 80% of hospital admissions on weekend nights are drink-related and the problem costs the NHS £1.7bn a year. The Independent on Sunday 21/05/06 page 4