Marston’s Pub Company (MPC) has negotiated a cut-price rate for carrying out Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) at its 1,700-odd tenanted and leased pubs,writes John Harrington. MPC has enlisted one company to carry out EPCs when they are needed for around £300 per certificate, said Andrew Andrea, operations and finance director for MPC and its beer division. EPCs are typically expected to cost around £700 to £1,000 each. The certificates rate venues on energy efficiency and are compulsory for all pubs sold or let by 1 October. Andrea said: “For any pubs that are unlet as of the end of September, we will pro-actively put an EPC in place to enable us to let it. Once the pub is vacant we are obliged to do it. “Given that the certificates last for 10 years there’s a fair chance that over a five-year period we will get through the whole of the estate. “It’s another cost of running a pub.” Meanwhile, Dorset brewer and pub operator Hall & Woodhouse is considering plans to train in-house staff to be qualified to carry out EPC inspections. “We’d have to put them through college, but if they’re qualified electricians, say, it shouldn’t be too much extra work,” said group director of finance Martin Scott. “There’s definitely an option to have it done internally.”