Ralph Findlay has cast doubt on claims by Enterprise Inns that more than 70% of its licensees were making the same, or more, money this year than last. Unveiling interim results, Marston's chief executive said it was not a credible claim, given the prevailing market conditions – with licensees facing top-line sales pressure and a greater squeeze on margins through increasing costs. Findlay said: "I don’t really see how tenants could be making more money this year than last year. “If you think that top-end managed houses, with strong food sales, are broadly flat on a like-for-like basis, it is likely that lessees might be in marginal like-for-like decline. On top of that, they are facing greater cost pressures. "It is not credible to suggest most of your tenants are making more money." Asked why Enterprise Inns chief executive Ted Tuppen might have made the comment, Findlay said: "He doesn't know, he is guessing." When Tuppen unveiled interim results on May 13, he said that 73% of its licensees were trading in line, or ahead of, last year.