The smoking ban continues to be met with high levels of support and compliance on the one year anniversary since its introduction, according to a new report. Research by Smokefree England found that 76% of people supported the legislation and 70% thought that creating smokefree public places and workplaces had had a positive effect on the country’s health. Nearly a quarter of respondents said that the ban had resulted in a cleaner environment and meant that they no longer smelt of smoke, while 12% said it made going out more pleasurable. A separate study conducted in May 2008 by Continental Research showed that although 93% of licensed premises believed that the implementation of the ban had gone well, only 38% reported that the law had had a positive impact on their company. Staff working at pubs were believed to have benefited from the ban, with 62% of licensed premises saying that that employee reactions to legislation had been positive. Almost half of licensed premises were found to have been checked for compliance by their local authority, compared with one in six businesses overall.