The majority of people in England and Wales back a complete ban on smoking in workplaces, according to a survey commissioned by ASH and Cancer Research UK. The bodies said that 73% of the 1,000 people they surveyed said a ban should be applied without exception, with 85% of those asked saying they would visit bars and pubs at least as often if they were smoke-free. Professor Alex Markham, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, said: "The vast majority of people say they would still visit pubs if they were smoke-free. "This is supported by the experiences of places such as Ireland and New York, where there is clear evidence that going smokefree does not damage profits." Neil Rafferty, spokesman for Forest, said: "This poll is completely off the wall. It is totally different from other polls in the UK, which show that about two-thirds of people are very much against a ban on smoking in pubs. "Surveys show that most people do want to see further restrictions in public places - and we are happy to acknowledge to that - but the vast majority do not want an outright ban in pubs."