Little Chef, the RCapital-backed roadside restaurant chain, is to install electric vehicle charges at all its 161 sites and is to spend £3m refurbishing its estate. Graham Sims, the company’s new chief executive, told M&C Report’s sister publication Big Hospitality that customers could inject a 7kW charge into their cars while they eat in or get a take away. The group believes it would be the first restaurant chain in Europe to offer electric car charging. Sims, who said Little Chef had “gone through the doldrums” in recent years, gave some details of the company’s refurbishment plans. “Some sites don’t need very much attention. They may just need some new equipment while other sites will need complete refurbishment. In some cases we will look at re-building sites as opposed to just refreshing, but we’ll look at each one individually.” Green energy, such as solar and wind power, is “an area wee are looking in to,” Sims added. Sims also said Little Chef would be looking to work with “strategic partners” in the coming years - it already works with Burger King at a number of sites - and is to continue working with high-profile chef Heston Blumenthal.