Larger measures of wine being served in pubs and restaurants means a far greater number of people are drinking dangerous levels of alcohol, a government report is expected to show. Average servings of wine have almost doubled, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics. When guidance was introduced 20 years ago, it was normally 125ml with an alcohol strength about 9% by volume. Now wine is often 14% or more strong and it is frequently served in 250ml measures, which means a drinker could consume 3.5 units of alcohol in one glass. The discovery comes as the government is set to launch a £10m campaign on alcohol consumption which will show that one large glass of wine can put women over the recommended daily limit. Meanwhile young people face on-the-spot fines for drinking in public as part of a series of measures being considered to crack down on alcohol abuse. The Sunday Times 09/12/07 page 9