Health Minister Andrew Lansley has appeared to rule out a minimum pricing of alcohol strategy – saying it would have an “unwelcome” impact on low-income families. Giving evidence to the Health Committee recently he admitted the idea that the price of alcohol affected demand was unquestionable. But he added: “The evidence does not support minimum unit pricing as the mechanism to deliver a price adjustment that best impacts on demand and does not as a consequence have unwelcome, regressive impacts in terms of low-income households.” Lansley was responding to concerns raised by Tory committee member Dr Sarah Wollaston. The MP for Totnes has reportedly told Lansley the health issues around alcohol were “an absolute train wreck”. He admitted something needed to be done about price and pointed to the Treasury’s review of alcohol duties and the coalition's plans to ban below-cost selling. He also said more needed to be done around the availability of alcohol and enforcement.