Women's fitness firm Ladypace has come up with an idea to combat female binge drinking, and are prepared to offer £40,000 to prove it can work. They plan to open a gym in a pub with 800sq ft of spare space with the money offered as two years rent. Ladypace claims the fitness centre will not only improve mid-week custom by up to 300 people, it will also combat the negative image of female binge drinking. It will also be risk-free for the venue as Ladypace will run the centre with its own staff. Paul Carry, Ladypace owner and a former director of Hobgoblinns pub company, said: "if you recognise the fact women are increasingly the dominant market force… you have a massive growth opportunity". The idea would capitalise on venues with an under-used room, and the potential for increased mid-week trading. Carry went on to say: "All the licensee has to do is adjust the pub's menu and product, offering to encourage his/her new female customers to spend money in a genuinely female environment, then sit back and enjoy the profits".