Fats used in junk food could be banned by the government as a new report warns that half of all boys will be obese by 2050. Health Minister Alan Johnson will this week order a review of trans-fats, blamed for causing heart disease and used in products from ready-made meals to doughnuts. He claims the "obesity crisis" is as serious as climate change and is concerned that the current ban on junk food advertising to children may not be tough enough. New laws have already strictly limited the use of trans-fats in Denmark and New York restaurants, and a senior Whitehall official warned: "Junk food is the new smoking. We have to get tough. There is no alternative." The Mail on Sunday 14/10/07 page 13 The Sunday Times 14/10/07 page 5 The Independent on Sunday 14/10/07 page 7 The Sunday Telegraph 14/10/07 page 4 The Observer 14/10/07 page 13