A Home Office-commissioned report has given the licensed trade an “unfair bashing” according to the head of the BII. Chief executive John McNamara said the report by KPMG which criticised pubs and other venues for not being socially responsible was little more than "tittle-tattle". And he added: "We are deeply disappointed at the anecdotal nature of the fieldwork and the lack of appreciation of the great strides we have taken. “Indeed, it ignores the many positive things that the industry is doing to promote social responsibility and the ways we in which underage sales and other issues around the responsible serving of alcohol have been tackled.” The report, which is based on visits to 597 venues, is also critical of the industry’s Social Responsibility Standards document. McNamara added: “As one of the signatories to the standards document, we take issue with the general conclusions drawn by the KPMG consultants that it’s not working. “The report does acknowledge that BII directly references the standards document as part of the syllabus of several of our accredited qualification schemes. However, collectively our industry has yet again taken an unfair bashing.”