Interbrew UK has called on the government establish clearly defined targets as part of its Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy. Steve Cahillane, the regional president of Interbrew UK and Ireland, also expressed concern that the proposal to establish a separate fund may result in less industry funds actually reaching "the front line". Cahillane was speaking on behalf of all UK brewers in a representation made to Hazel Blears, Minister of State for Crime Reduction, Policing and Community Safety and the Sponsor Minister for the Strategy Unit project. Blears invited the industry to nominate three to four senior industry people to work on developing a Social Responsibility Charter which will benefit directly those affected by over consumption or harm associated with alcohol. Blears also acknowledged the industry’s wishes for voluntary rather than legislative regulation, and stated that the position would be reviewed next year, adding: "If it is working and is making a difference we will carry on. If not, we will legislate." Cahillane said: "Why is it that British beer is revered in the US and elsewhere in the world – Britain is seen as the ‘home’ of great beer - yet here the British media tends to focus only on the negative associations of beer: lager louts, beer bellies, and downing pints? "There is clearly a cultural issue and we welcome the opportunity to work with Government to look at how we can play a role, for example, in encouraging a more continental-style approach to drinking culture in the UK."