Almost all independent hospitality businesses have introduced one or more energy saving or recycling initiatives, according to a survey by Beacon Purchasing. However, only a little less than a third of businesses are currently recycling, with lack of outside storage facilities and/or the lack of local recycling services cited as their biggest challenges. In addition, less than 2% of respondents currently use alternative energy sources such as bio-mass boilers, geothermal energy, wind and solar power. Businesses were also asked to comment on the ‘health of the nation’. Four in five of respondents believe they do have a responsibility to offer customers a healthy option, and 64% have adopted the principles of healthy eating in their menu planning including lower fat/sugar/salt, more vegetarian options and using only ‘healthy’ fats and low sodium. More than half (60%) of businesses now believe their customers are more concerned with healthier food, with 48% citing fat content as their customers’ biggest concern. However, businesses gave an emphatic (88%) thumbs down to the imposition of a government ‘traffic light’ coding system on menus. A major concern was the impracticality of its introduction, alongside the desire to avoid ‘nannying’ customers and overcomplicating the look of menus.