The effect of smoking ban has been made worse by other factors – but the pub industry is resilient enough to survive the problems it presents. That is the bullish opinion of property agents Christie & Co on the one year anniversary of the introduction of the ban. Experts at Christie's say that the initial forecast that the worst impact of the smoking ban on pubs was only likely to last 12 months has been further complicated by a set of external influences affecting the sector. New research by the firm highlights that while a good summer could help the industry recover one year since the introduction of the ban – other factors could still hamper trade. These include financial conditions – like inflation and unemployment – as well as the rise in duty rates, said Christie's A spokesman for Christie's said: “ A reasonable summer, coinciding with the one year anniversary of the ban, may well signal a recovery in the fortunes of the sector, but this recovery is likely to remain relatively fragile until general economic conditions improve and the “feel good” factor returns. “There is no doubt that the period since 1 July has seen some of the worst trading conditions in memory. In some respects it is better to have got all the pain out of the way in one hit, but several in the trade have been hit financially, with many pubs suffering falls in trade or even closure. “However, many of those pubs which have been able to adapt to the post ban conditions have been able to maintain or even improve their revenues. “The UK pub sector has been, and will remain, resilient and despite the short term issues which are currently being experienced, most commentators believe it has a long term future.”