The greatest challenge to the continuing growth of the food truck trend is hygiene, with around 70% of non-users of food trucks hesitant to purchase food from a vehicle, according to new research in the US. Despite the fears over hygiene, Technomic, the Chicago-based market research firm, found that 91% of the 500 consumers it questioned who were familiar with food trucks said the trend had staying power and was not just a passing fad. The survey found that only 7% of those consumers polled said they would decrease their visits to food trucks over the next 12 months. Kevin Higar, a director at Technomic, told National Restaurant News (NRN) that food trucks could be far from approaching their peak in popularity, given the number of UK consumers who live in areas without them or who have yet to try them. He said: “The key for long-term success is getting the non-user to come on board. One in five individuals is not aware of or has not seen a food truck, and one-third of individuals who are aware of them still haven’t purchased from one.” Unsurprisingly the survey found that location was critical to the success of food trucks, with 61% of consumers “just [happen] upon them.” The research found that social media played a big part in the trends growing popularity, as consumers who follow food trucks on social media are heavy users, with 84% visiting food trucks once a week.