A police operation to crackdown on licensing breaches across London has so far resulted in more than 400 arrests. The 48-hour operation entitled Condor, targeted all of London’s 32 boroughs leading to 4,896 premises visited, 658 licensing breaches identified and 420 people arrested. Police said they were on the look out for drug taking and other illegal activity inside pubs and checking that alcohol is sold and consumed in line with licensing laws. In shops and supermarkets, they are taking action against people selling alcohol, cigarettes and knives to children and those who have not checked correctly the history of second hand goods for sale. Commander Mak Chishty said: “Licensing laws are there for good reason as they help protect us from danger. Breaking them is not acceptable. Operation Condor is about keeping our communities safe from harm. In our shops and supermarkets this means people do not sell knives, harmful substances or alcohol to young people; in our pubs and clubs it means that alcohol is sold and consumed in a responsible way; on our roads it means that vehicles, such as taxis are properly licensed and safe.”