A report from the Information Centre for Health and Social Care has found drinking is causing more hospital admissions in England than ever before. The number of hospital admissions for alcoholic liver disease more than doubled to 35,400 in 2004-05. Resultant deaths drew 37% since 1999. The number of admissions for mental health or behavioural problems arising from alcohol misuse rose from 72,500 in 1995-96 to 126,300 in 2005-05, an increase of 75%. Almost one in four children aged 11-15 said they had drunk alcohol in the previous week. The Department of Health said it was working with the drinks industry, police and health professionals to increase awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking. It will launch a joint campaign with the Home Office later this year to promote sensible drinking among young people. The Times 01/07/06 page 4 The Daily Telegraph 01/07/06 page 1-2