Drinks industry watchdog Portman Group has upheld a complaint about a Kronenbourg 1664 promotion on Spotify for featuring music that references drinking to excess. The promotion, developed by marketing agency BBH on behalf of Kronenbourg 1664 brand owner Heineken UK, was in the form of banner ads directing consumers to a “slowed down” playlist for its “Slow the Pace” campaign. The campaign linked relaxed consumption with music that had been uncharacteristically slowed down from the original. The complaint was made about one track in the playlist: a cover of the Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk to F***” by Nouvelle Vague. Portman’s Independent Complaints Panel ruled that while the company had not deliberately set out to promote irresponsible drinking, the track name and lyrics referenced drinking to excess, thereby associating the brand with “immoderate consumption”, a breach of Portman’s code. Portman chief executive David Poley said: “We were pleased that the company took immediate action to remove the track from the playlist as soon as the complaint was brought to its attention. “Heineken has also introduced more rigorous approval procedures as a result. This demonstrates just how careful companies have to be when marketing alcohol and we encourage people to get in touch with the Portman Group prior to campaign launch for advice on the code rules.”