Heineken, the Dutch brewer that has just acquired the UK interests of Scottish & Newcastle, is trialling oversize pint glasses. The Dutch brewer introduced 24oz oversize branded glassware last year (4oz above the pint level) in a move to regenerate the lager sector by serving beer in the Continental way, with a large head. The move was also made partly to address waste concerns by reducing spillage. Around 400 UK outlets committed to the move when it was launched. Heineken is currently served in around 5,000 pubs. “We are still in the embryonic stage and working with outlets to train staff to dispense properly, but we’re making a lot of progress, “ said Heineken UK sales director Richard Bradbury. “We know customers love it — and the feedback we get from licensees is that no-one else in the lager sector is doing anything to improve the presentation and offer. “We’ve seen the care that goes into serving Guinness, cask ale and cider over ice. We want to bring pride and passion into serving lager.” And he added: “Our plan is to keep expanding the number of outlets because we see it as a key part of differentiating Heineken from other lager brands.” Heineken customer marketing controller Chris Duffy, said the issue of yields being lower had to be weighed against the fact that “customers will pay a premium price for a premium product”.