The trend towards healthy eating was partly confirmed by the Family Food in 2003-04 report published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. According to the estimates of household purchases of food and drink in the UK from 1 April 2003 to 31 March 2004, purchases of salads saw the biggest rise from the previous year, up 8.3% to 18 grams of food eaten out per person per week. However, the average person’s consumption of Indian, Chinese and Thai meals or dishes eaten out of the home suffered the biggest fall, of 12.4%, to 20 grams. Ice cream, desserts and cakes had the second biggest drop, according to the statistics, down by 7.1% to 29 grams – still more per week than the average person’s intake of either salad or Indian, Chinese or Thai dishes. Meat and meat products also enjoyed a rise, up 2.1% to 97 grams.