The Government is to launch a new £10m television advertising campaign to try and eliminate confusion over alcohol units. The Department of Health will officially launch the campaign later this month. A spokesman said: “We are not wanting to preach on this issue; instead we are trying to inform and support people to drink sensibly. “Most people have heard of units of alcohol and the sensible drinking message, but do not know how to keep a check on the number of units they drink. “When asked, especially by doctors, people report drinking at levels much lower than they actually do. “The traditional assumption that one glass of wine is one unit of alcohol is – more often than not – wrong.” The announcement comes as Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland has tabled a second petition for MPs calling for pubs to be forced to serve wine in a 125ml glass. His Early Day Motion (EDM) calls on the Government to "bring forward legislative proposal,s to require all wine selling on-trade establishments to provide the option of a 125ml measure." And he added that he: "Commends the report by the Royal College of Physicians which called the practice 'irresponsible' and said that there was 'no doubt at all that many more people are drinking significantly more than they realise'."`