Given a choice, British diners are more likely to choose traditional meals, rather those prepared in an international style, suggests a new survey. UK hotel chain Golden Tulip checked sales data from meals ordered in its Bibo Bar & Bistro restaurants across the UK between January and June 2005. It found that when it came to the main course, over 30% of orders were for plain sirloin or peppered steaks, or the chef’s special. In second place and far behind, was cheese and bacon chicken, making up 9% of sales. Among the least popular main courses was Taglietelle Neapolitan, at just 3%. As for starters, soup came out on top at over 21% of sales, followed by garlic mushrooms, making up 13%. Just 4% went for Thai noodles, and 1% Caesar salad. Chips championed the side order cause, taken up by a whopping 55% of diners, followed by the vegetable medley at 23%. Garlic mash managed just 9%. Apple flan was the most beloved dessert, at 28%, followed by ice cream at 24% and Tiramisu at 17%. Golden Tulip commercial director Andrew Silver said: "This research demonstrates that, despite factors such as increasing international travel and gourmet cookery programmes on TV, it is traditional English dishes that are still the most popular with our guests." The chain’s data was derived from its restaurants in Portsmouth, Manchester, Newcastle, Castleford and Glasgow.