Food inflation has risen by more than 8% since the start of the year, with fresh fruit and vegetables up 14.7% and meat and fish rising by an average of 22.9%, according to new research. Verdict found the price of croissants and a 400g jar of mayonnaise had gone up by 40.6% and 47.4% respectively. Most food and drink categories had risen, with the exception of ready meals, dairy products and baby food. As a result, shoppers are ditching certain foodstuffs in favour of cheaper alternatives, for example potatoes (down in price) instead of rice and pasta (both much more expensive than last year). Sales of organic produce are also struggling as shoppers are ready to sacrifice their green credentials in favour of greener food. TNS Worldpanel data shows that sales of organic produce fell by 3.8% and 1.3% in Sainsbury’s and Tesco respectively, in the three months to 10 August. The Daily Mail 06/09/08 page 31 The Daily Telegraph 06/09/08 page 11 Financial Times 06/09/08 page 4