Only 13 people at around 6,000 pubs and clubs visited by smoking enforcement officers since the ban was introduced have been caught lighting a cigarette, according to the latest figures. The licensed premises and those found smoking only received a verbal warning from the authorities. The statistics from London councils showed that in Islington, which was the borough most visited by officials, there was a 99.8% compliance rate, with only two breaches revealed at 1,200 venues. The councils of Westminster and Wandsworth were found to not have done specific checks. A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "We welcome the positive feedback we are already receiving about the new smoke-free law. "Although it is still early days, we are very pleased with how favourably it has been received by the public. "We have not had official data from councils but know that, not only in London, but across England levels of compliance are high and the need for councils to take enforcement action has been minimal."