Customers at English pubs and clubs are mostly accepting of the smoking ban which came into force on July 1. Ted Tuppen, chief executive of Enterprise Inns, says his pubs have experienced “almost total” customer acceptance of the ban with a minimal impact on trade. However, he accepts that the current bad weather conditions make it difficult to accurately evaluated the effects. Meanwhile, Deborah Kemp of Pounch taverns says the ban has had a mixed reception ranging from delight to resentful acceptance. Provincial wet-led pubs are likely to be feeling the worst impacts, while food-led pubs were reporting 20% more footfall the week after the ban. Samantha Porter, general manager at West End nightclub Sound, has had to employ extra door staff to control access for customers who want to leave the club at intervals for a cigarette. Some nightclubs have invested in roof terraces or verandas so that customers do not have to leave the premises in order to smoke. Steve Richards, chief executive of Novus Leisure, has invested £400,000 in his Manchester Tiger Tiger nightclub on a new veranda for smokers. Rank Group finance director Peter Gill said bad weather had kept attendances at bingo halls up during June as people abandoned their barbecues and outdoor activities for a night at the bingo. The Sunday Telegraph 22/7/07 page B7 (Business)