Diageo has withdrawn its FastPour system because drinkers and bar staff in trial outlets have not been happy with the resultant pint of Guinness.

The three-month trial of the quick-pouring pint equipment has failed because customers prefer the traditional two-part pour. The system, which uses ultrasound technology, reduces pour time from an average 120 seconds to 25 seconds.

Bar staff also reported their preference for the two-part pour, saying it made them feel more professional.

The trials were carried out in 30 outlets in London, Newcastle and Yorkshire. Now Diageo will channel £250,000 into a Born Again Basics scheme ensuring the quality of pint pouring, especially in areas such as London where there is a high turnover of staff and quality sometimes suffers.

The exit of Diageo's system leaves Interbrew's Murphy's Fastflow going solo in the quick-pour stout market.