Diageo – the world's biggest drinks producer – has criticised the Scottish government's plans for new alcohol legislation The Scottish Government has proposed a “social responsibility fee” for licensed premises, bans on drinks promotions, minimum pricing and a minimum age of 21 for buying alcohol in shops under its new strategy announced in the spring. Diageo has called for “co-regulation” – where the Scottish Government would set overall objectives and mandatory standards and it would be self-regulated. The self regulation system would be given “a tough set of teeth for rigorous monitoring and enforcement”. The approach would be “flexible enough to respond to any future developments, without the need for primary legislation”. Benet Slay, managing director of Diageo Great Britain, said: “Diageo is at the forefront of industry efforts to promote responsible drinking, but we are disillusioned with the Scottish Government’s paper and frustrated that Government is trying to place responsibility for tackling alcohol misuse on the shoulders of the drinks industry and thus failing to recognise that everyone has the responsibility - individuals, Government, civil society and industry. “We believe the most effective approach to promoting the highest standards of responsible behaviour, across industry and for every consumer, is through a fair, transparent and effective system of co-regulation.”