The government has released the details of its re-named Health Bill, which lays down the workplace smoking ban. All workplaces, including restaurants and cafes, will be covered by the ban, with non-food pubs and private members clubs will be exempt. The deadline for a smoking ban in all workplaces will be summer 2007, bringing the original deadline for pubs and restaurants forward by 18 months. Anyone caught smoking in a banned area faces an on-the-spot fine of £50, with landlords facing a fine of £200. The government also announced a new consultation on how to protect bar workers in pubs where smoking is allowed, which may lead to the introduction of designated smoking rooms. Patricia Hewitt, the health secretary, said: "This legislation is a huge step forward for public health and will help reduce deaths from cancer, heart disease and other smoking-related diseases. "Not only will we be able to protect non-smokers and the huge majority of pub workers from the harmful effects of smoke. "It will also provide smokers with an environment where it's easier to give up." The ban will be reviewed within three years of being introduced. Spirit Group said: "This began as an attempt to find a solution acceptable to everybody. And it has ended with a farce supported by hardly anybody. "We do not believe a food/non-food split in pubs is workable or practical and have been arguing for a properly thought-out, staged process. "What is more, we are particularly concerned by the suggestion that private members clubs should be exempted from any new restrictions. We cannot understand how such an exemption can be justified on public health grounds, the very reason that this Bill exists."