Compass headhunters have approached Richard Cousins, the former head of plasterboard maker BPB, to replace departing Mike Bailey as chief executive. Shareholders are understood to have urged the board to speed up the hunt. They feel frustrated at what they perceive as the troubled company's lack of leadership. The Independent on Sunday suggests that after so much bad news over the last 12 months now might be a good time to buy Compass shares. Investors, it adds, could be pleasantly surprised at how much the company receives from selling its Select Service Partners business. Among the bidders is Benetton subsidiary Autogrill, one of Europe's biggest motorway services operators. The appointment of a new chief executive will also give the group some direction, although it will still be a long haul to turn Compass around. The Sunday Telegraph 01/01/06 (Business) page 2 The Independent on Sunday 01/01/06 (Business) page 39 The Sunday Times 01/01/06 (Business) page 3.1