The coffee shop boom is heading for a long-term slowdown, a report from the research company Mintel says.

Although the market for branded coffee shops has grown sixteenfold since 1994 and is still rising, coffee drinking continues to decline among the much -targeted 15-24 age group, even though the popularity of the coffee shop has grown on the basis of a 'youthful and aspirational' image, the report says.

Price remains the number one consumer concern, and another threat to the coffee shop is the increasing development of the coffee offer within sandwich shops and pubs. Future competition is likely to emerge between the coffee shop and the juice bar for High Street locations.

Mintel believes that juice bars are the next big American import due to hit the UK. The American juice market is currently worth $3bn. Overseas operators are reported to be seeking to enter the UK market in 2001.

However, in the short term Mintel forecasts that the coffee bar market will double in size over the next five years. In terms of the overall café market, the branded coffee shop sector has nearly doubled its total share of the care market over a two-year period between 1998 and 2000, accounting for more than 6% of the total market.