Café culture has taken a firm grip on traditionally tea-drinking India since Costa Coffee opened its first coffee shop in Delhi two years ago. Costa now has 32 outlets in the city, is close to opening its second in Mumbai and plans to have 300 across the country within five years. UK rival Café Nero is also planning to open there, while Café Ritazza already has an outlet at Mumbai airport and has ambitions to open more at Indian airports and train stations. Italy's Lavazza bought out Barista, India's second-largest chain in March, Gloria Jean's Coffees is expected to arrive shortly and Dubai's Landmark Group is choosing between two US chains as a partner. Meanwhile India's largest domestic chain Café Coffee Day, which is backed by Asda, is creating 20 new cafes a month and plans to grow from the present 480 to 750 by the end of next year and 1,400 within five years. Café Coffee Day is also launching a chain of 50 outlets across Eastern Europe. The Independent on Sunday 02/12/07 (Business) page 3