Pubs may face higher licence fees under proposals by the Association of London Government (ALG) to address what it sees as a current imbalance. The ALG has asked for the main use of a building to be considered, not just the rateable value. Venues like pubs, bars and nightclubs that sell alcohol as their main business would therefore pay more for their licence than a similar sized restaurant. The cost of the licence would include some add-on charges depending on whether the premises are open after 11pm, are primarily alcohol sellers or play live music. Councillor Daniel Moylan, chairman of the ALG transport and environment committee, said: “It is important that venues with the potential to cause problems for their local communities act responsibly and pay their fair share towards the cost of the licence and any enforcement needed.” Under the plans, councils such as Westminster, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea would be compensated due to the greater number of licences they will have to issue. The proposals have been submitted to the Elton panel, an independently chaired body set up by the government, who will report back next month.