Cash-strapped consumers are increasingly looking for “quality over quantity”, according to new research. According to Attainable Luxury: saving to spend in an Age of Austerity from law firm Trowers & Hamlins, with money tight and economic conditions tough, there is an emerging class of consumer that wants to spend to forget their worries. Coined FLASH (Feeling Low and Spending High) by the law firm, these consumers have reappraised what they want from the luxury market and are willing to spend more but less often, enjoying high quality experiences when they do flash the cash. The report, aimed at the hotel market but with lessons for hospitality businesses in general, suggests operators should concentrate on their luxury and quality offers to build a profitable future. Michael Pattinson, corporate partner and head of Trowers & Hamlins hotel and leisure practice in London, said: “FLASH consumers are driving a new trend in the hotel industry. Their high spending is relative – in actual fact their overall spend on hotel stays or travel is likely to be reduced by consolidating it – but the impact of these consumers on the hotel industry in recent years is considerable. “Now is the time to make the changes necessary to compete in the luxury market. Far from a nice-to-have, keeping up with the competitors in terms of perceived luxury is now essential for hotels to survive in this climate.”