The rising popularity of Magners in the UK has led C&C, the Irish cider maker, to invest Eu200m (£135m) in its Clonmel factory. The company is doubling its cider making capacity to about 500m litres. Last year C&C invested Eu65m in increasing its output from 150m litres to 250m litres. Brendan McGuinness, managing director of C&C’s alcohol division, said: ”Its an attempt to ensure we don’t face the same capacity problems next year as we did this summer.” Demand for Magners has been growing and the brand represents 16% of the UK cider market, according to AC Nielsen. While in the UK Magners only has 1% of the long alcoholic drinks (LAD) market, in Ireland demand for the product is higher and the beverage has 11% of the LAD market. The group plans to expand into Europe and will be trying out a number of European locations next year.