North East-based chain, the Cairn Group, has launched a new discount scheme, which incorporates its twitter username - @thatcard, that allows cardholders access to exclusive offers at each of the group’s six sites, The deals, which include discounts on food and drink and special deals on multiple purchases, will be updated on a regular basis with separate options for each site, as well as a variety of cross-venue promotions. The group currently operates the Spy, Berlise, Zio and Jalou bars across the North East and the two-strong Italian restaurant business Fratello’s. Marketing manager Dan Humphries, who has been tasked with implementing the scheme, said: “Our aim is to have at least 10,000 people signed up to @thatcard in the first year, with the introduction of new offers on a regular basis serving to maintain interest and encourage new enrolments all year-round. “We hope that this will consolidate existing brand loyalty and offer visitors an added incentive for utilising other venues within the Cain Group family.”