Britons spend over £2.6bn annually on tips, according to a new survey from phone and Internet bank First Direct. The research also shows that 43% of tippers, or 19 million UK adults, feel compelled to leave a gratuity despite poor service. By region, people in London and Scotland tip the most, and they are also more likely to reward substandard service. On the other hand, the Welsh are the least likely to leave a tip for bad service, while Midlanders tip the least overall. Among those who do pay for poor service, 54% didn’t want to make a fuss, 41% wanted to avoid embarrassment, 25% feared looking cheap and 23% wished to avoid embarrassing the member of staff in question. First Direct chief executive Richard Kimber noted: "A tip is supposed to be a reward for good service. But our survey shows that even in an age of consumer choice, 19 million people still feel obliged to leave a tip when they’ve had a rotten experience and over half of people do so just to prevent causing a fuss."