Magistrates in Bristol renewed a publican's licence despite being presented by police with evidence of late-night drinking at the bar, after the host explained drug dealing in the area meant he could not open until after 8pm. Louis Hayles, owner of the Star and Garter in Montpelier, told justices he could not operate normal opening hours because it would attract local drug dealers to his pub, the Morning Advertiser reported. He admitted serving after hours and police objected to the licence renewal, but magistrates granted it after hearing that Hayles, of previously good character, could not open before 8pm. "I used to open at 12 o'clock, but people would come in and use my telephone to call for their drugs. I just got fed up with it," he said. The chairman of the bench said the justices had "decided to be pragmatic" in this case, but warned Hayles not to break the terms of his licence in the future.