Brands need to better understand the spending desires of those people over 60 in the UK, who have separated – “silver separators” – if they are to correctly market themselves to this group, which often has significant disposable, according to a new report. The report by Cint, the income global providers of smart market insight tools, said that with income coming from a pension, no mortgage to pay and more available time to undertake activities and make lifestyle choices, over sixties regularly consider alternative ways to spend their cash; adding over £40bn to the UK economy in 2010. Furthermore, it said that when separated or divorced, the choices people are able to make for themselves change considerably and brands should take more time to understand the opinions of this important consumer group. Bo Mattsson, chief executive of Clint, said: “The over sixties group is already highly valued to many brands because they have often have money to spend and time to spare. However, this growing UK demographic, dubbed 'silver separators', requires businesses to better understand their modified lifestyle needs. “Marketers would be wise to recognize that the opinions of separated people of a certain age could be vastly different from those who remain happily married and consider undertaking specialized consumer research.”