Triple-starred Michelin chef Heston Blumenthal, the king of "molecular gastronomy", and two more of the world's top chefs have drawn up a statement of intent that sets out an international agenda for great cooking. It spells out three crucial principles of cookery: excellence, openness and integrity. Blumenthal, Spain's Ferran Adria and America's Thomas Keller claim they have been misinterpreted and argue that an obsession with the seductive scientific techniques they are pioneering is not the main point of the exercise. The Observer's restaurant critic Jay Rayner, who was shown the trio's two-page statement, says they are "trying to distance themselves from the label they have been given". Rayner suggests that "their point is that it is all about the food on the plate". Nevertheless, Blumenthal plans to continue experimenting at his Fat Duck at Bray, Berkshire, with particular attention to smell. The Observer 10/12/06 page 3