High-profile chef Raymond Blanc has been appointed the first president of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). Blanc said he was proud to accept the role and to represent the association’s members. In addressing the organisation, he said: “Throughout my career I have cared about sourcing and serving the very best food, looking after my staff and the community and environment around me. “It is a great time for Britain and its food industry, there is an ever growing awareness and concern for sustainability so we must continue to work together to improve our efforts and invite others to join us. There is a visible need to lead by example in leaving a legacy for our future chefs, producers and diners alike in ways to embrace sustainability from kitchen to table. We must keep working hard and not shy away from the challenges that we face in our industry. “I look forward to working alongside you and the SRA and hope fellow chefs and restaurateurs will continue to improve their sustainability and join us in this movement.” Mark Linehan, managing director of the SRA, said: “We exist to help and support restaurants operate more sustainably and provide diners with the tools to make the informed decisions they tell us they want to make. “We are delighted to have someone as committed as Raymond Blanc at the forefront of this ongoing campaign and join him in his call to restaurants to grasp this opportunity.”