The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has expressed its “deep concern” over new rules on immigration. Under the Home Office's cap on migration, which come into effect in April next year, non-European specialised chefs will be effectively disbarred from entering Britain as skilled workers in specialised restaurants. In a letter to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, BHA's chief executive, Ufi Ibrahim, said the announcement that only graduate occupations would be allowed in Tier 2 makes it unlikely that any of these essential chefs will be able to come to work in the UK. She wrote: "This is potentially disastrous for those restaurant businesses offering quality specialised ethnic dishes of Asian and Oriental origin. Some may have to close, with the loss of UK residents' jobs. "In the twelve months to this June, 2,412 Certificates of Sponsorship were issued for chefs, essentially for specialised Asian and Oriental chefs whose lifetime skills cannot be replicated in the EEA workforce. "These chefs have been accepted as meeting the existing NVQ3 level under the points based system, but would not be regarded as having graduate status." Ibrahim added the new rule would prevent the sector from creating jobs. "For every specialised chef a further 11 other jobs are created but these will be lost if this rule is introduced." she explained.