Supermarket giant Asda has been criticised for selling 18 bottles of Carlsberg Export for just £5. The superstore placed adverts in this morning's tabloid newspapers heralding the cheap price. Its advert said: “Carlsberg Export £5. Yes, really £5.” At £5 for 18 275ml bottles they are being sold at a below cost price 27p each – but would cost up to ten times that price in a bar. Nick Bish, the chief executive of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, said: “This is just yet another example of irresponsible retailing. “People are having to buy in bulk to obtain that kind of price. It's just totally unsuitable as what can't be controlled is where people are drinking it, how much they are consuming and how they behave afterwards. “The safest place to drink is in the sensible and controlled environment of a pub.” This latest below cost deal follows on from August Bank Holiday when Sainsbury’s offered sixty 284ml bottles of Stella Artois lager for just £20 – equivalent to 33p per bottle or 66p per pint.