The Advertising Standards Authority gave a stiff warning to two drinks makers for using sexual references in marketing campaigns for their products. Alcohol Focus Scotland complained to the watchdog that a poster advertising a product called Stiffys Shots, which appeared in newspapers and bus shelters and featured the catchphrase "Have you had a stiffy tonight?" was offensive. The ASA also looked into complaints from four members of the public about posters for Diageo's Archers Aqua, which showed semi-naked men with a bottle of the product strategically placed in front of their groin. Stiffys Shots, the company from Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, which manufacturers the product of the same name, denied the name was offensive or implied sexual prowess. It claimed "stiffy" had several non-sexual meanings, including a greeting card, snowboarding move, computer part, bicycle part and even an ironing board cover. The ASA however, ruled that "stiffy" was slang for an erection and was not widely used in other contexts. It ruled the advert was "likely to cause serious or widespread offence", especially in a poster which could be seen by children. Diageo told the ASA the posters for Archers Aqua were designed to be humorous, and apologised for any offence caused. The watchdog agreed, saying although the advert contained sexual innuendo they were unlikely to be considered offensive. However, it ruled the overall tone of the advert linked alcohol and sex and told Diageo not to use the same approach again, but to seek advice before creating campaigns in the future.