A landlord in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, has launched a new taxi company after customers complained that there weren't enough taxis in the town to take them home. Peter Gill, the landlord of the Curriers Arms, said: "When I took over the town centre pub seven months ago I quickly found myself driving some of my customers home at the end of the evening as a favour, because I'm a teetotaller. "My `taxi' service then became so popular that I decided there was scope to turn it into a proper business. "I've done ‘The Knowledge’ of Wootton Bassett and the surrounding area, received my Hackney Carriage licence and last month launched Appycars of Wootton Bassett." James Arkell, the managing director of Arkells Brewery, which owns the pub, said: "It's wonderful that Peter is concerned enough about his customers to make sure they get home safely. "And, if it turns out to be a profitable sideline and of benefit to the residents of Wootton Bassett, we take our hats off to him."