Imperial Tobacco says it will continue its campaign to reverse the imminent cigarette vending machine ban despite the Court of Appeal upholding the ban. The tobacco manufacturer said it will ask the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, and wants the ban delayed until after this appeal is heard. Imperial Tobacco appealed the ban, set for 1 October 2011, via its vending machine manufacturer subsidiary Sinclair Collis on the grounds that the ban breaks EU trade rules and it was “inconsistent” to outlaw the machines but permit over-the-counter sales. The company also argued that alternatives such as a voluntary code had not been considered. Appeal Court judges ruled against the company by 2-1. In a statement, Imperial Tobacco said: “We will be asking the Court for permission to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. If permission to appeal is granted, we have also asked the Court to delay implementation of the vending ban until the appeal has been decided.”