Bistrot Pierre

It’s all White now

18 Oct 2018

Earlier this year, Nick White, former MD of Bella Italia, Chiquito and Garfunkels, was named as new chief executive of Bistrot Pierre. White and co-founder Robert Beacham speak to Mark Wingett about how the business is evolving and how it is cutting its cloth in more austere trading conditions

Don’t miss the point

15 Oct 2018

What a week. From the revelations at Patisserie Holdings, the ongoing and sad fallout surrounding food labelling and Pret A Manger, to the administration of two further sector companies, it was seven days that again put the sector on the front pages/in national news updates and front of mind in the public consciousness, sadly for the wrong reasons. It was particular frustrating, argues Mark Wingett, as at the same time, some positive strides were being made communicating what the industry ...

In other news

15 Oct 2018

Whilst last week’s news was dominated by the fast-moving story at Patisserie Holdings, the last month has shone a light on a number of other companies in the sector, which are faced with their own issues and questions about their future. Mark Wingett gives his thoughts on the Coaching Inn Group; TGI Fridays; Five Guys; The Restaurant Group (TRG); and Gordon Ramsay.

Revolution Bars Group

Playing hard to get

11 Oct 2018

The board of Revolution Bars Group has once again rejected the possibility of a deal with Deltic. James Wallin looks at what was actually being discussed, gauges the thoughts of Revolution shareholders and asks what’s next for the key participants, as well as former suitor Stonegate.

Core needs of restaurants

Business re-modelling in the full-service casual dining sector

09 Oct 2018

The casual dining market grew over the last 30 years in response to customer needs for accessible and assured restaurant brands. However, new market segments are emerging that challenge the future consumer need for casual dining. How do brands in this sector evolve to ensure long term success and growth? Ian Dunstall discusses

Translating digital dreams into operational reality

08 Oct 2018

Much of the innovation at the top end of the sector in recent years has been focussed on or driven by technology, but large swathes of the industry still remain relatively untouched by this digital revolution. Simon Stenning assesses the areas in which technology can have a tangible impact for operators, including the rapid development of electric cars.


The tip that became a shove

02 Oct 2018

The brief announcement at the foot of the Conservative Party conference yesterday that the Government would finally push forward legislation on tipping, was met with carefully worded statements of support from several high-profile brands. Off-the-record, however, operators were seething at the manner in which this has been announced and the lack of detail provided. James Wallin rounds up some of the sector’s concerns about this tipping point.

High street

The changing face of the high street

01 Oct 2018

The sector’s role in reviving the UK’s high street was a key topic of debate at MCA’s Restaurant Conference earlier this month. James Wallin discusses how operators are adapting to appeal to a new breed of consumer and what the industry needs to be demanding of Government to do this.

Deliveroo Editions

Dark kitchens come into the light

24 Sep 2018

MCA editor James Wallin looks at how the delivery segment and its relationship with operators has evolved and how the growth of remote kitchens and virtual brands is impacting on the wider market.

Richard Caring

Proceeding with due care

17 Sep 2018

In a rare interview, sector investor Richard Caring, alongside new Ivy Collection chief executive and Bill’s chairman David Campbell, talks to Mark Wingett about the future of the high street; the impact of the uncertainty over Brexit; the market in general; and the next stages of development for Bill’s and the Ivy Collection

A glass half full

14 Sep 2018

Closing in on the 20-site mark, Veeno has reached a fork in the road for future development. Georgi Gyton spoke to co-founder Nino Caruso about the journey so far, and which direction the company might head in

Mark Sheehan

Why the institutions have an insatiable appetite for pubs

12 Sep 2018

Turmoil in the retail market and the UK pensions crisis have shifted institutional property investment to an alternative sector. Mark Sheehan, of Coffer Corporate Leisure, explains why the public house market is offering stability and how both investors and operators can capitalise

Alison Brittain

What next for Whitbread?

10 Sep 2018

Dominic Walsh looks at what the future is likely to hold for Whitbread following the sale of Costa to Coca-Cola. He asks whether Pure is being lined up to repeat Costa’s success story and where the deal leaves Premier Inn, as well as speculating on whether this marks the beginning of the end for Whitbread as a corporate entity, and how many tears would be shed over its demise.

Dave Engbers and Mike Steven

'Extreme' US brewers eye UK craft legacy

07 Sep 2018

Founders Brewing Co’s Mike Stevens speaks to MCA about the inspiration between the US and UK, building a legacy brewery and the benefits of selling out

Cote exterior

Inside track: I’ll get my Cote

06 Sep 2018

A buried paragraph at the end of a story on GBK facing a CVA, suggested that Cote was exploring a possible merger and had held early talks about a tie-up with a listed company. Mark Wingett looks at what listed company would be a good fit for the French restaurant chain. He also explores what went wrong at GBK and why Gaucho’s new owners have swapped Meakin for Martin (Williams)

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