The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has called for the Government to introduce fully-funded apprenticeships for young adults to reflect the nature of the workforce in the industry. Currently, apprentices aged 16-18 receive 100% funding. ALMR wants this to also apply to 19-24 year-olds, who currently receive 50% of funding centrally. The request is made in response to a Parliamentary committee’s inquiry into apprenticeships. Other proposals from the ALMR include offering bonuses each time a business takes on an apprentice, not just a one-off bonus, and for the Government to examine further ways to cut red tape for small firms. The trade body also called for a proper focus on developing workplace and business skills in publicly-funded apprenticeship schemes for the sector, and more funding for over-25s, particularly those without qualifications. A survey of ALMR found that training just one person to work in a pub or bar, including teaching them the full legal and regulatory framework, amounts to an investment of £1,000 pa. Kate Nicholls, ALMR strategic affairs director said: “Our industry greatly values apprentices. Properly configured apprenticeships offer robust, transferable skills, which are beneficial to both employee and employer. “However, we would urge the Government to listen to employers – like our members – to ensure apprenticeships are responsive and fit for purpose to help businesses to develop their workforce.”